Hi, I have a 2003 1.8 vectra club...Its been hunting for a few seconds from cold for a while now..Only does it when it's been stood for a while then once it's warmed up seems to be ok...
Firstly I got a service kit for it-changed all filters, plugs and oil-same problem..Cleaned the minging throttle body and started using a bit of redex to see if there was any blockages..

Secondly I took it and had it hooked up to a diagnostics...came back o2 sensor, running rich..While it was there I got them to clean multipoint injectors too..

Bought a new O2 sensor and fitted that....not really much difference, but the EML light went off after a bit...

Bought and replaced the MAF sensor as someone said it could influence the revving....not made any difference

Getting pretty pee'd off with it now, and would rather try and sort it myself without taking it to a garage but it's looking likely that it needs to go in

It has quite high mileage (just over 130k)...could it need a new throttle body ? Should I have replaced the coil pack or could it be anything else i've forgotten ?? Doesn't have an EGR valve as it looks like its been blanked off by vx...

Any ideas anyone before I bite the bullet and pay big ??

Thanks in advance..