I am toying with doing the following to my pride-and-joy after winter...

1. Bonnet and front bumber respray (Chip, scratch and pigeon staining removal...)
2. Refurbish alloys, or get newer 18 inch ones.
3. Better bulbs for my lights (current ones are quite poor!)
4. Rear spoiler (possibly)

I know it's not much as far as modding is concerned, but it will make me happy.

This will all be dependent as usual on cash flow...as my wife is expecting me to continue saving for our new kitchen.

After looking at a nearby alloy refurb place who charges around £48.00 per wheel, I'm thinking this might be the first thing I'll do...Come on the New Year!

watch this space...

By the way...Have now been waiting four weeks for my new folding key. VX have now advised they cannot be obtained for love nor money, but they will keep me on their waiting list. In other words...Don't call us, we'll call you.