hi everyone ,i wonder if you can help.i have owned a 1.8sri vvt for about two months.i love the look of the car (even tho its her indoors who drives it).it has 60,000 on the clock and i have taken the plastic bit out of the bottom of the airbox,which i was happy with but to me it seems noisy both in and out.
if i take it to an exhaust place then its "yes mate you need the full lot" .

my question are they prone to sound noisy idling when the air box mod is done,the engine seems fine ,not using oil ,no leaks,right temp (touches wood) but sounds extra noisy for a 1.8 ,especially for the ones that pass me .

i just wanted fellow 1.8vvt drivers opinions before an exhaust place has my pants down ,and finally what sections and how many sections come in ?
thanks for your help guys