Hey guys, sorry im sure there are loads of other topics out there similar to this, but i am new to using this site. so here goes.

I have a Vectra C 2.0DTI Elite, and the egr valve is causing me nothing but hassle.. i took it off cleaned it all out and the throttle body and manifold for all carbon deposits.. i then found out my egr valve was completely seized.. so i brought another 1 second hand from ebay.. now i can get the valve to open n shut with a screwdriver quite freely, after using carb cleaner and wd40 on it. but once i have done this and put back on the car. i will get about 10miles of perfect driving out of it and then it will jus go back to stalling and/or not starting. i am completely all out of ideas with it.. i have left the valve to soak in wd40 and diesel atm hoping maybe that will work..

My friend has told me about blanking the egr valve off completely.. but i have no idea how to do this or whats involved so he has instructed me to come on here and have a word wit you guys.. so does any1 no what would be involved in doing this and how to do it,, step by step guide if any 1 has the time would be greatly appreciated..

agen my car is a Vectra C 2.0DTi elite.