I recently had the clutch replaced on my 03 1.8 SXI the original one having worn out and started slipping at 80k miles.

I usually do my own servicing and repairs but not clutches, they're a bridge too far!

A local garage rather than a main dealer did the work for me and fitted a Valeo three part unit. For the first month it's been a joy to drive - very smooth - no problems at all. However over the last week or so it's started to judder when pulling away in first, not when the engine's cold which seems to be the common problem but after about half an hour when the car's fully warmed up. When it's cold it drives like a dream!

I suspect it might be the cheaper quality friction material on the aftermarket clutch that's the issue - so perhaps i'm going to have to live with it. I don't think it's oil or hydraulic fluid getting onto the clutch else it would happen when it's cold.

Anyone got any other ideas or had the same problem? I've got a two year guarantee from the garage so perhaps I should take it back unless this is common with Valeo clutches.

Any advice appreciated.