I'm new on here, so if this is a daft question, or in the wrong section please bear with me.

I have just replaced the Passenger curtain airbag in my 54 plate SRi hatch. Now need to replace the passenger seat airbg but cant work out how to get to the nuts. As there are plastic strips down the sides of the back, it looks to me like the back comes off the (cloth) seat cover, but I cant work out how, and I'm a bit worried about doing any damage to the seat cover.

I'd rather do it with the seat in the car if possible. Any advice would be appreciated.

I have had the airbag ECU cleared by one of the firms on ebay, but must admit I have reconnected the battery with the airbag ECU not fitted in order to open the boot. Hope that wont cause any problems - I didnt turn the ignition on, just re connected the battery for a while.