Hi All

Its been a while hope your all doing very well?

Alots been going on lately concerning the car after the big let down the end of last year where I had to replace the Cylinder head as a Hydraulic tappet Came loose Destroying the Head. Me and a Friend had to work in the minus temperatures to get it back on the road and with a lot of hard work we did just before the Snow came.

Anyway fast forward to March I Started to do my Motorbike Direct Access as I fancied getting a motorbike for quite a few reasons number 1 Fuel in my car was beginning to become somewhat of a joke £450 a month to fuel it
Number 2 I just fancied a complete change. 3 quick enough to quench my thirst for Speed and Acceleration although I dont go stupids speeds

Last but not least the I sort of fell out of love with it and the only reason I was keeping it is because of all the complements I was getting

So last month I sold it on I do miss the car but not as much as I thought I would.

Now I have this

Cost me £23 pound to Fill it and it gives me 200 to 250 miles made up with it And its Plenty quick enough for me for my first bike 95bhp from a 600cc cant grumble at that