Hi Ive been having a real nightmare with my 1.9cdti 04 reg and found a lot of useful information here but wanted some advice before i go buying parts.

Firstly the engine electronics light comes on all the time and goes into limp mode, its always fine after switching off and on again. Its got really bad and done it about 30 time on a 20 mile drive and finally the engine management light came on. That gave fault code p1125 - throttle actuator feedback.

So i've checked the solder on the joints and that seems good and i've taken
the butterfly disc thing out of the throttle body thing. All was well for about 10 days but its started doing it again now (not as bad as before)

Ive had it plugged in again using a different reader and its come up with the code p1125- app system, i've been searching for that and found that APP can mean accelerator pedal position and is linked to the p1125 code.

Can anyone help and advise on whats the problem.
Am i right in believing even if there is a fault in the throttle body with the disc removed it should be fine
Could it be the sensor on the accelerator.

Any help greatly appreciated