I have an 07 Vectra 150 cdti. It always seemed to have a real flat spot between 1500 and 2500rpm. I recently got it remapped to 201hp and 342lb torque. Pulls like a train and goes like lightening i got it done in tourque tronix northern ireland. When it was on the dyno they could see something was not right but suggested i changed the map sensor and it was stinking but after doing that it hasnt made and difference and it still has a hesitation between 2000 and 2500 rpm. I have put the fait blanking plate in the egr and it seemed to help but still there. So i got a dianostics reader from ebay and thought someone might be able to tell me if anything looks out of place on this screenshot of it.
Maybe someone would know what the flow amounts on the maf should be. I have also be told that could be the problem but Vauxhall looking 191+Vat so i wanna make sure i get the right thing.

Many thanks and sorry about the half book story.

upload gif

Stuart Miskelly