2009 Insignia 2.0T petrol auto.
My folks driveway is on a blind bend on a main road. Hunky-dory if everything sticks to the 40mph limit but they don't. The only way to get out safely is to clog it. So on Sunday night...

The car took off fine but at 4000rpm I lost all power & the engine dropped to tickover. Off it launched again to 4000rpm & so on. EML started flashing. Waiting to turn when I got home it was shuddering & sounded like it was only firing on 2.

Parked up, tickover recovered. In park the engine will rev over 4000. A glitch me thinks, so I turned it off, restarted & took it for a short drive up the road & it did the same.

In to the dealer on Monday driving VERY gingerly. Under 4000rpm it's fine. Vx tech support have told them to change the plugs but I think such a severe fault that appeared so suddenly is likely to be more serious than plugs.

It's under warranty (thank god) but your thoughts/opinions are most welcome.