I have a Vectra 1.8 Club Duel fuel which seems to have developed a few issues

Mainly power steering warning light came on intermittant at first now seems to be on more than its off.. I cannot feel any steering issues.

Also the fuel gauge doesnt work on petrol but it does on LPG..

I have had an Auto spark look at it and he has said that the issue is with one of the ECUs but as there are 3 on the car he does not know which one. He has advised that it needs to go to a Main Stealer.

Any one else had this issue?
Would it be worth buying a new ECU and swapping them 1 by 1 to resolve the issue? Is this even possible..

Help.. I dont really want to go to a main dealer if it is something that can be solved relativley cheaply.

I am really stumped here