I a, selling my CD30 MP3 sterio that i bought off ebay a few months ago as i have fitted a Parrot MKi9200.
As you can see from the last photo it is the delphi grundig model which has the Aux L, Aux R and Aux GRd connections needed to fit the aux setup. I was in contact with this fella who can supply a ready made lead which doesnt need tech 2 to work http://cd30mp3.co.uk/products.html

It is actually from a corsa but fits and works in the vectra (full canbus). What you need for it to work with your screen is tech 2 to pair the items, i have been assured this unit has been divorced from its original screen.

my plan was to carbon wrap the face of the sterio and a few bits of the dash but can't be bothered anymore so its for sale..

£50 delivered OVNO