Ok !

My 2005 Signum 3.0cdti has been at the dealers for 2 1/2 weeks now.

Went in for a ECU update, to fix a problem that was causing the engine to hesitate in 3 rd and 4th. I thought it was SCV but the service manger thought that a ECU update was the way forward,
As the car is under a warranty wise warranty I said go for it, as it was only £15 over the excess on the policy.

They have now manage to brick the ecu 3 times,to the point a 3 rd party company cant fix them, Once mine twice the ones they have ordered to replace it.

What happens if they cant fix it ?
Its now getting to the point where i can't see them fixing it.

From my view point, I took the car in to them in a serviceable condition all be it with a a slight snag. The car was still in a drive-able condition.

Has anyone had any experience of this sort of thing before ?