hi.. iv had a few problems with the car having " WOBBLY BUM SYNDROME", so i replaced the rear upper arms and that didnt sort it.

i thought about the rear tracking but the tyre wear looked ok to me so i ruled that one out.... then people mentioned shockers but there 4 months old so that stumped me even more..

i kind of decided that that is how the car was and fobbed it off and put up with it and forgot all about it in the end..

then i replaced the front inner/outter track rods and it needed tracking up so with me being into a bit of diy and i like to save money, i decided to buy a diy laser tracking kit that i got off fleabay and tracked the front up perfectly BUT..... i still had "WBS" lol...

even tho the laser tracking gauges were very accurate( i tested them against my mates dunlop gauges) and it tracked the front up to a tee, the car still didnt feel right so i thought sod it, and went to a local garage for the full monty doing!.

the garage uses the pro-align hunter system( http://www.pro-align.co.uk/ )
and it was very interesting to watch and took about 1hr 45 mins fron start to finnish and cost me 54 quid in total.

the lad did say that the rear was well out and it was no wonder it didnt ride right and it wudnt of made any difference where the front end was cos the back just wasnt right but after a good hour of wrangling he got it almost perfect.

so if anyone has got WBS, id take it and get id properly aligned just to rule that out and get peace of mind..

54 quid well spent imho!