Hi guys, ive had my vectra for a year now and the CC still wont work no matter what i try and i really would like it to work doing more miles than ever.

I'd like some help and some logic to help me out, i have read countless threads and asked my own too but i need some final help.

When i bought the car the CC didnt work

I fitted a clutch spring as mine had snapped and cleaned the stalk contacts, it worked, but somewhat reluctantly and i would sometimes have it work immediately when trying it or after a few minutes repeatedly tapping the buttons - now it just doesnt work.

After much investigation i purchased a clutch switch as i was told this could be at fault, i then noticed i didnt even have a clutch switch as the previous owner had cut it out of the system and replaced it with a brass connector joining the two Clutch switch wires. I removed this because the few times the cc did work my clutch obviously didnt disengage it and it would lead to the engine revving out.

I have just bought and tried a used but working CC stalk but again, no joy.

The car is an 02 y20dth Club.

Since then i have attempted to reconnect the wires simply to bypass the clutch switch to see if i could get it all working, but no such joy im afraid.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas how i could get my CC working?