Hi the problem's i having with my 07 sri is i upgraded the screen from a TID to a GID and had it tech 2 to the car on Tuesday but i could not use the scroll wheel to go through the menus i was told that you can only control it with the factory head unit where i had a aftermarket one fitted but i could go through the menus with the TID screen fitted. So today i took my aftermarket head unit out and put the factory one back in it's a CD30 when i turned it on the screen came up with safe on it so i phone my vauxhall dealer up who tech 2 the screen and they said i need to put in a code but when i have took the radio out before and put it back i never needed to put in a code is this right. Because i told them the problem after i had the GID screen fitted that i could not scroll through the menus and he said if it came form a different model car to mine that some menus mitre not work but i said that most people that have done this upgrade have not had any problems but mitre need a tech 2 session he came back to look in the manual and follow the instruction to put the radio code in but there's not any in the manual for it so if any body could help me