Hi everyone,

I am new to starting threads on this site having just been a passive observer and seeker of info up to now, however my Vectra has just started making some pretty nasty drivetrain/gearbox type noises and any help would be appreciated.....

My car is a 1.9 cdti 120, and just recently it has started making what sounds like release bearing noise, but as the car has reached 123,000 miles of mainly motorway use with no other indication of clutch issues I was happy to live with this for a bit longer.

Alas, it was not to be, and I have now 'gained' what can only be described as a 'bag of rocks' type noise when pulling away from standstill and occasionally when at a stop as well with the car both in and out of gear.

I have been reading about the dreaded DMF and all of its problems on this site, and must admit that I am pretty convinced that is what it is, but would really appreciate any opinions, thoughts or comments from others on this.

After some research into spare parts for the clutch and DMF from various suppliers I am pretty much resigned to the fact that it is going to cost what it is going to cost, and I think I will probably just get my local (and trusted) garage to do the job for me.

One question I do have is with regards to the gearbox, and how do you know whether it is a M32 or a M40 fitted? Also does the clutch, slave and DMF all get changed together whilst the car is stripped?

As I have said already, and help, advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated on this, and I best be off to warm up the better half, the financial manager, to the cost that is looming!!

Many thanks in advance, Andy.