For those of us who install any Xtrons double DIN head units into our Vectra Cís, this little tip should help you out.
The factory head units installed into the Vectra all have a built in antenna amplifier ensuring good reception. By changing the head unit you remove the power amp and signal is far from good. The Xtrons units are not very sensitive and need a good quality signal or you get continual drop out.
Simply purchase a car antenna amplifier for £7 to £16 dependant where you purchase it from before you fit the Xtrons and you will not be disappointed. Maplin and Halfords both do them.
For users who have a power amp fitted for sub woofer etc, wire the amp power feed directly to the 12v constant. It will not run the battery flat as it draws so little power. If you donít have a power amp, then you can wire it into the Xtrons aux power amp feed (blue wire).
Happy listening