To cut a long story short me and my mate "team midlife crisis" AKA "Fatman & Gobby" have been asked, well actually dared, to take part in a sponsored bike ride at work to help make up the numbers.

It's a bit of a monster route following Hadrian's wall from Dalston Carlisle to Fawdon Newcastle as part of a site to site challenge. It's 75miles and goes over the Pennines with some 1500ft climbs etc etc.

We've joined up late in the day and as you all seem a decent bunch on here if anyone would like to sponsor myself and my equally unfit mate who are riding out with some seriously fit cyclists all in the name of charity. Please follow this link and give generously (anything would help!) it's in aid of The Alzheimer's Society a worthy cause I'm sure you'll agree. If you do choose to sponsor please mention "Jimbo & Coco" or "Fatman & Gobby" real names James & Richard. Basically to wind our super fit work colleges up.

I know it's a big ask but with less than two weeks to go we need all the help we can get. If you do donate many many many thanks in advance!