Not sure if it is related or not. Couple of days ago I did a Uy on full lock and the warning light came on and the HPS went. Oh no I cant move this heavy wheel. So I stopped switched off, locked, unlocked restarted and every thing seemed Ok.

Today drove down to Wigan, A1, M62, then down to Wrexham and back home again to NE via M6, A69. On both ways I find that sometimes the car will drive fine then suddenly I feel like i am fighting the steering because it is pulling to the left, and thought must get the wheels re-balanced, then suddenly it starts to pull to the right, then Ok for a period and doing it all day. This is ocurring with out any stops.

I know there have been treads on the steering thingy and it is booked in week tomorrow to be looked at while they replace my boot motors, but are the two things connected or is it just my **** 18" wheels need sorting. Does any one know anywhere that does on car balancing? I've not seen it since I worked in a garage over 20 years ago.