Hi everyone Im new to forum and would like to welcome everyone.
I have Vectra C 2006 1.9 CDTI 8V.
Im having problem with car since I bought it.
Ive been using OP-COM to diagnose faults and clear them .
Hopefully there's someone who can help me.
First problem was that car didn't have power . After month looking I discovered that
Voltage on boost sensor is only 3.4V and it should be min 11V.
I have changed EGR valve, boost sensor, throttle body and more.
I found on TIS 2000 wiring diagram and all faults that are below are on one circuit.
I put cable from battery (positive) straight to boost sensor and all faults are gone and I have power back. Im not sure can I drive like that missing fuse box. Spanner light is coming up when I press accelerator and when it reach 2000rpm its for a second only like ecu
would give another signal to boost sensor. I think it might be wire problem or broken circuit in underhood fuse box( theres 12V on fuse 14 and 15). Mabey someone had experience some problems with that in past and can I drive like that?
Next problem I have is both front belt pretensioners high resistance fault I think it fired up and air bag light is on and can't even clear that with TECH 2 . Is there any way to cheat ecu to get rid of that light. OP-COM is saying air bag ecu is locked ?
Ill be greatfull if anyone can help me . Martin
All faults which are below are gone now when I put wire direct to boost sensor.

Fault codes:
P1105 - Barometric Pressure not plausible with Boost Pressure
(52) - Present
P0243 - Boost Pressure Valve Low Voltage
(02) - Not present
P0243 - Boost Pressure Valve Circuit Open
(04) - Present
P0105 - Barometric Pressure not plausible with Boost Pressure
(52) - Present
P0703 - Brake Switch Circuit Malfunction
(04) - Present
P0400 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Open
(04) - Present
P1180 - Fuel Filter Heater Low Voltage
(02) - Present
P0030 - O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
(02) - Present
P1125 - Throttle Actuator Feedback Circuit Malfunction
(08) - Present
P0638 - Electronic Throttle Control Low Voltage
(02) - Present