Following on from yesterdays meet and being inspired by Fil, Scotty and some of the Veb B boys I've decided to to a bit of engine bay modding.

To start with I just think a bit of colour on engine cover and battery box for now then move on from there. Questions is what colour to I go for, car is saturn blue so i was thinking a metallic blue wold look good. Doing it CC to match the car with cost a bit as its not a straight of the shelf colour and would need a couple of cans from Vaux i reckon, plus I want it to be different. Any advice would be helpful on prep, ideas etc.

And stickerbombing is not an option!!

No doubt FIL would want to chrome the lot , not that i'm against that but £ is a factor. Especially as yesterday i'd said i wasn't going to do anything with the engine bay......damn you Scott!

Cheers guys