I've got fault code P0190 - fuel rail pressure sensor 'A' circuit malfunction.
Z22YH, 2.2 petrol engine.

Just wanted to know if anyone knows how to check if the sensor is at fault?
The live data feed on my code reader gives a fuel rail pressure of 390 kPa with car running, during engine revving or with car switched off. If I unplug the pressure sensor with the car running, the fuel rail pressure instantly jumps to 17100 kPa. Is this normal or should there be some sort of fluctuation during acceleration etc?

the car runs as normal. fuel economy and power is the same as normal.

I've had a go using the multi meter to get some voltages from the sensor. I can get the 5v ref voltage between one of the wires and ground, but not sure what I'm looking for on the other 2 wires. Can anyone help??

Appreciate any help!!