well had the car a few months now and about time for a good service i think, thought if u gonna do it...do it properly sinse its my pride and joy.

here we have;

1x k&n panel filter
1x gm fuel filter
1x gm oil filter
1x sump washer
6x denso iridium power spark plugs
2x 4ltr castrol magnetec 5/30 fully synthetic oil.
1x aircon treatment
1x wurth engine flush
1x wurth fuel system cleaner

also bought some insigna fan style washer jets think they were like £2.60 for the pair trade lol

so all this came to a grade £163.44 ......gulp!

just need to go buy a pollen filter and some manual transmission oil, unsure of how much im going to need the chap said 3litres, its a f35 box anyone know? ill be cracking on with this on sunday.