So far I have changed nearly all of my my bulbs for the below items except the fogs and main beam. I was not happy with the standard orange H3 Fog bulbs and they looked out of place with the other new whiter bulbs. The main beam seems fine at the moment but im sure I will be swapping them knowing me and my addiction to Hidsdirect website. Oh my vec is a 06 SRI 1.8 vvt NAV.

Front - Back Indicators -

Side Lights -

Dipped Beam -

Mani Beam - Standard. But they do seem very bright and white. May be the previous owner changed these.

Fogs -

Rear Number plate -

Interior (soon to be replaced wqith LED's as they are not bright enough) -

Took some photos with the iPhone (So not the best quality) in the day and when its starting to get dark. I will have to re align one of the fogs as it's quite high. Will fix that as soon as it stops raining.