Sorry if you have read this before as I posted it in the wrong forum before

I have just had my 1.8 vectra Duel fuel in for a service today and I aked if they could run a diagnostics test as theres a few faults with things namely the Fuel gauge does not work on petrol but its fine on LPG, Cruise control doesnt work and theres been a car with a spanner intermittantly coming up. Here is what they came back with

P0704 Clutch switch input circuit malfunction
P1481 Fan Relay 1 Circuit
P1482 Fan Relay 2 circuit
P0567 Cruise control resume switch stuck high
P0466 invalid data from rec (Rear Electrical Centre)

Steering fault

Any ideas what is causing this I suspect that
P0704 Clutch switch input circuit malfunction is the switch at the clutch pedal but i am unsure what the others are