Hi All

I have an 07:57 SRi XP II (1.9 150)

My question is:

I want to stiffen up the ride, (and for the moment) without lowering it.

Can I replace JUST the shockers (and keep factory springs,) to this end? Or do I need to replace shockers and springs and thus lower the car?

On my old Astra H 1.9 150 I had Eibach springs and bilstein dampers - and excellent set-up, BUT it lowered the ride.

The reason I cannot really lower the car as I tow a caravan

(However, that didn't stop me towing the 'van with my lowered and mapped Veccy VXR!!)

Lastly, is there an exhaust I can fit as I'm having the car mapped. I had a Magnex on my Astra and it was awesome! Can't seem to find a 'zorst for it.

Thanks in advance for your help gents.