hi guys.

i changed the timing belt and did a major service over christmas, and shortly after i have had the wrench light come up when i turn on the ignition. i checked the error and it came up 0337 which i assume is "P0337 Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Low Input".

any idea what this means?
i think its related to a starting issue i have had for about 2 years. it wont fire up first go, and sometimes it will miss-fire for a second or two before it rights itself and runs normal. this only happens on cold starts in the morning, gets worse in the winter.

i replaced the crank sensor a year ago. it didn't make a difference.

i am going to leave the battery disconnected over the weekend to see if i can clear it and reset the timing or something, im just pulling at strings at this point. if you can offer me any insight into my problems that would be greatly appreciated.