After having major idling and starting problems on my 2.2 dti 52 plate, the car has had new egr,crankshaft sensor,charge boost sensor,airflow meter and intake manifold removed and cleaned,[the butterfly valves were really gunged up] plus new air filter, the car still has the same problems. Tech 2 diagnostic brought up fuel sensor circuit malfunction, which I was already aware of and crankshaft position sensor, which had already been replaced I bought another crankshaft sensor and replaced it this morning, so its had two now in the space of a couple of weeks.
The car has an intermittent problem, where some times wont idle and cuts out regardless of what I do with the throttle and then takes 5 or 6 attempts to restart it before I can rev it and keep it running. The fault seems to be making the transition to permanent as opposed to intermittent, cutting out any where from 1200 rpm and below and also taking numerous attempts to restart, trying to drive it and keep the revs up when I slow down is very difficult and is making it undrivable.
After I replaced the crankshaft sensor this morning and the fault still there, put it back on the diagnostic once the car had cut out, didn't turn ignition off so car with spanner light was still there [light doesn't come back on once the ignition is turned off and back on again, only appears when car has cut out] One time was just the fuel sensor and crankshaft sensor, another time was all the associated engine sensors,this happened several times. The mechanic told me he would put money on it being the edc on top of the diesel pump.
Sorry about the essay, but its driving me mad. If this is the case, could anyone give me a rough idea how much these cost to be repaired please, I've been told that you can remove the edc from the pump and send it off on it's own to be repaired.
Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.