Went out to do a bit of shopping yesterday, idiots on main road so took the back road into Newport. I'd filled up while out as my wife wants me to take her to meet someone in Coventry over weekend. Drove around the tight s bend past the farm as usual, then, as my wife tried to say something, I felt a heavy thump on the passenger rear corner . She's seen what she described as a black concrete block with white lines on it at the last second. I hadn't turned any tighter or faster than usual, never seen it before .
First thing through my head "these cars are notorious for busted springs and buckled/cracked wheels, OMG I've knackered it and mucked her trip up"
Pulled over in a safe place, no marks on tyre or car. Checked it out today, no fluids lost, tyre pressures ok, spring looks ok, no sign or feel of anything wrong. Must have hit it square on tread and been lucky