I need some advice.

Ok, My gf and her ex own a house together, currently we are i the process of changing over the mortgage into my name.

The ex wants a small amount of money to go off it.

However, he seems to feel that myself and my partner should be liable for all the fees for starters, these are coming in at over £500, as well as having to be the ones to undertake all the work. such as speaking to the mortgage company, finding solicitor and annoyingly have to drive for an hour each way to sort paperwork out becuase he can't be bothered. .

On top of this, he has started taking stuff from the hosue, mainly his stuff but he has also started taking joint presents given to them when the moved in. For example he has taken the washing machine, tumble dryer, tv, stand etc.

Does anyone know what should happen with this?
For background, he was the one caught cheating (several times) he rarely comes around unless hes bored in which he comes back, plays on his xbox loudly and then goes out a few hours later. He has been in once in 35 days, and that was to collect some of his stuff.

He pays the mortgage and that literally is it, he makes no contribution to any other bill and has never undertaken any maintenance on the house. To put it in perspective, the house flooded last december, my partner told him and asked for help as i was away. he turned around and told her he was too busy. The conservatory flooded as the roof couldn't cope with the snow, my gf was up at 6am for five hours trying to remove the water and her family had to come over to clear some of the snow and help clear up, he didnt even come back to the house for a week or two to check on it.

Hes a bit of an arse.

However back on track, we have forked out well over £1000 having to replace the things he is taking and pay the solicitors fees, which considering that he told my gf one day, ' i want to be out by the end of march [2011] and i want £1000 and every month it goes over i want an extra £650' This as the second week in March when he told us this!

So, when it comes to splut gifts, how should they be split up? They were pricey gifts, the washer alone retails at £350+.

any help woudl be greatly appreciated!