hi ive just bought a 2003 vectra elegance 2.2 manual petrol. its got 54000 miles with fvsh. ive had it about a week and noticed a whine/squeek at first i thought it was a wheel bearing noise but i had a closer look and its from the left side of the engine where all the belts and pulleys are it dissapears after 5 mins of driving. now ive read that these have a problem with the cam chain's on 2.2s?

it's still under waranty, phoned the garage and he said it will be the aux belt and heel spray sum oil/ lubricant on it? but oil on a belt wont it make it slip? any way does any 1 have any ideas?

also does any 1 know of any other faults these cars have

airbox mod complete next grille then exhaust system.