Hi all,
I just recently bought a 2003 Vectra C Elite and I'm having some trouble with the aircon/heaters.

The fans do not come on at all, no matter what setting I turn it to (1 through 7).

I checked the pollen filter, drain hole and all the fuses and all is fine in that respect.

I went to check the resistor block connected to the motor blower and found one hell of a bodge job.

It appears as though the previous owner decided to bypass the relay (I think). The two brown cables in the picture are the power, however they work even when the ignition is off and its either off, or on full whack.

I can feel the cold coming through when the motor is on (think it needs re gassing though).

I cant seem the find the resistor block (following the instructions http://www.blower-motor-resistor.co....-resistor.html) on and in one of the pictures it looks like there's something missing?

Any ideas on how I can get the fans to work normally through the HUD?

Pictures below are of all the wiring. If someone could upload a picture of how its supposed to look I'd be very grateful!