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General Rules of the Site - also click HERE for other rules relating to Buying and Selling etc etc (use the drop down box)

1. Accounts

Only one account per person is allowed i.e. one username. Any additional usernames registered by the same person will be deleted, the user sent a warning and their account temporarily suspended. Further violation of this rule will result in the member’s original account being suspended for an extended period.
Please do not use trading names as your username unless prior permission has been given by Admin, any such usernames will be deleted or changed.

2. Language

Profanity and profanity directed at others in an insulting manner will not be tolerated, nor will obscene, vulgar, hateful, racist, threatening or language violative of any laws.

The site has a swear filter installed. It is there for a reason, namely to filter out inadvertent instances of words not suitable for a family forum. The filter will replace the word with the * character. Any posts which bypass the swear filter (where letters have been selectively starred out, but other letters left, to make it obvious what the word is) will be edited or removed. Any posts where the swear filter has had to go into overtime will simply be deleted.

This is a family forum and as such members don't want their children asking what those words mean, nor do the majority of people wish to see a post or thread littered with expletives.

Repeated breaches of this rule will result in an infraction and/or ban at the discretion of the forum moderators.

3. Harassment

Harassing, flaming and threatening other users WILL NOT be tolerated. Moderators / Administrators reserve the right to delete any posts if they find them inappropriate in any way.

4. Explicit Material

Posting or linking to sexually explicit remarks or any type of pornographic images is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Equally links to sites showing extreme types of personal injury are also prohibited. In both cases offenders may be subject to account suspension.

5. Copyright material

Discussion of copying, sharing or distribution of copyrighted material is forbidden. This includes such things as; CDs, Music Files, Movie Files, DVDs, Computer Software, Gaming Software, SatNav Discs, Vaux-Com/Op-Com, TIS and EPC Software.
OP-COM:- It's common knowledge that the majority of copies of Op-Com purchased and used in the UK are illegal copies, This is known to be true simply because in the UK OP-Com is not officially available due to Vaux-com being the official version for the UK's Vauxhall brand.
Linking to sites that promote or host illegal copies of copyrighted software is also forbidden. Any such posts/threads will be removed, with a warning sent to the originator. Subsequent breaches of this rule may end up with posting privileges being removed.

6. Spamming/Trolling

DO NOT post off topic nonsense to raise your post count. This can be a source of extreme irritation to other members when they are forced to read irrelevant nonsense in order to connect an answer to a question separated by Spam. Staying on topic will avoid this. It is understandable that sometimes topics wander off and consideration will always be given to this particularly in the Off Topic section.
Always respect other members at all times. Do not go into a person’s topic purely for the purpose of causing trouble. (Trolling)

7. Private Messaging

Private messages (PM's) are as the name suggests private messages between two members. Please respect the privacy of other members, do not post a PM in public without their permission. You have the right to report a PM to the Mod / Admin team if you feel you are being harassed by another member via the Private Messaging system.
Do Not offer items or services for sale via PM, anyone found to be in breach of this may (At the discretion of the Mod / Admin teams) have access to sending & receiving PM's removed.

8. Thread closure/deletion

On occasions the Moderators or Admin will deem it necessary to close and/or delete a thread on the forum. The thread starter may be sent a PM by the Mod/Admin to inform them why it was deleted, but often in cases it will be blatantly obvious why the action was taken. If you don't receive a PM informing you why, it may be because that Mod/Admin is busy with something else and just closed/deleted the thread quickly. Either way, DO NOT start up a thread on the forum along the lines of "Why was my thread closed/deleted?" as that thread will simply face the same fate.

Threads are closed/deleted for a good reason, not simply because the Admin/Mod was bored and just felt like it! It will usually be because the thread had, or was about to, head off in a direction that we simply don't want to see on here. So if a thread is deleted/closed and you genuinely don't understand why, then PM The Moderators account initially to ask. If the reason for the thread closure was blatantly obvious and you still PM a Mod/Admin to have a rant, then don't expect a reply. We all have better things to do with our time than reply to unnecessary PMs. Genuine and civil enquires will receive a civil response.

9. Hacking

Attempts to hack the forums or access features you normally are not allowed to, will result in an immediate ban - the duration of which will be determined by the Admin. If you discover any problems with the board that may be abused please report them immediately. Taking advantage of any problems with the forum, before reporting it to Admin, will also be considered as hacking.

10. Images

All members are welcome to upload images and agree to the following:

All members agree that are free to use all uploaded images for the life of the club (, This is to ensure that all of the information posted in threads & posts keeps its continuity and remains useful to other members and guests.

When posting photographs / images of vehicles, wherever from, you must blank out the Registration plate. There are numerous editing programs available which will allow you to do this.
A How 2 thread is available on the forum showing different ways that you can blank out plates using such program - The exception to this is your own car but you post the Registration plate at your own risk. Where a post contains plates that have not been blanked out, it will be deleted and the poster invited to start another thread in which the plates have been removed. We also ask that you do not post images that contain links to websites

The maximum size limit for normal pictures is 700x525 (100kb), profile pictures is 640x480 (80Kb), signatures is 400x75 (50Kb) and avatars is 150x100 (40Kb). Any picture deemed as possibly rude or offensive must not be used for signatures or avatars. Any violation to this rule will result in the offending photograph / image being removed and a warning sent to the offender. Three warnings and the right to use Avatars or Signatures will be removed for the offender. Continuation will result in a ban.

11. Signatures
(Full Members only

A signature may contain one or more images but they must fit within a box with maximum dimensions of 400 x 75 pixels (width x height) and with a maximum (combined) file size of 100k.
A single of line of text, linking to an external photo host (car pics etc) is also permitted under the above graphic signature.
If no images are used then up to 4 consecutive lines of normal (size3) or smaller text is permitted. Do not pad out your text lines with blanks lines. A line of text is defined as having a maximum length of 400 pixels. If you want to turn the signature off in the future, you can come back and edit your post. If you have specified a signature in your profile, the box will be automatically ticked for you.

Signatures should not contain any 'ads' for items you have for sale, nor links to any threads in the For Sale section. They should also not contain any links to external web sites (simply too much scope for people abusing it this was allowed). Any signatures not adhering to this will be edited accordingly with no notice given.

Avatars are more relaxed and as long as it is not offensive then subject matter is unrestricted.

12. Avatars

Avatars are viewable by everyone, so any user Avatar must be free from any lewd or profanic material. The maximum size permitted for Avatars is a 150x100 pixel frame with a file size of no more than 50kb.

Lightly animated GIF files are allowed for Full members and static JPG files are allowed for Regular members.

13. Traders

The classified forums are for the use of Full Members only, i.e. private individuals to buy and sell their own personal property. A thread which says, “My next door neighbour is selling something” for example will be removed as will any subsequent thread which says, “I have now been given the item”. There is no point the first thread being removed otherwise.

Commercial Trading, i.e. buying and selling of items or services specifically for profit, is strictly prohibited by Traders who are not members of our Approved Traders or Service Providers schemes, without seeking permission from the admin team first. Promotion or advertising of any 'for profit' trading/business is also prohibited. This includes any promotional/advertising material or links in posts, signatures, avatars or profile pictures or contacting members via PM. Usernames should not consist of any company names unless that member is one of the traders on the site.

Applications to Join our Approved traders scheme are welcome. Applications should be made by email to the Admin team, stating the nature of your Business and what offers you would bring to the scheme.

A Group Buy is something that is either initiated by an Approved Trader or by Admin with a specific company and product that would be of benefit to members. Group Buys should not be started by any member off their own back without consulting with Admin. All Group buys should therefore start with a PM to Admin - not with a thread gauging interest. This is more out of courtesy than anything, but also to make sure it doesn't clash with anything an Approved Trader deals with. Any such threads started by members will be considered as unofficial Group Buys and closed/deleted. If the product in question is not one that clashes with anything that an AT deals with, then the member could contact Admin with a view that they (Admin) could look further into a potential Group Buy of the product.

14. Respect

It is a condition of membership that you respect the Administrators, Moderators and all other users of at all times.

15. Account Suspension

Under normal situations, where a User is thought to have broken these rules, a warning will be issued to the offender. A Second warning for the same offence will not be issued - a possible account suspension will be enforced, at the discretion of the Moderating team. Any offence, serious enough to be viewed as Gross misconduct, e.g., racism, harassment, attempted hacking etc. will result in an instant ban with no prior warnings given. Please note, that should your account be permanently suspended following warnings for breach of site rules, and at the time of account suspension you are Full Member, then you will forfeit your membership fee. No discussion will be entered into regarding this matter.

16. Disputes and concerns

If any member has an issue or problem relating to another member of the forum that can't be resolved, then please PM The Moderators account or an individual Moderator if preferred. If the issue is in relation to one of the Moderating Team then PM the Admin account or an individual member of Admin. Please allow reasonable time for a reply as the Admin/Mod will usually wish to discuss the issue with the other Admin/Mod members to take a joint decision on the matter.

Do not post disputes on the open forum. Any dispute posted on the forum will be removed. Disputes or concerns are often easily resolved, yet have the tendency to go out of control on the forum and do not portray a welcoming face to new and other existing members alike.

Do not post potentially libellous comments about a company or individual. Posts/threads which includes words such as, “Conman”, “Fraud” etc. will be removed. By all means post your experience with a company if it’s relevant to other members here but avoid making comments which experience has shown have to be retracted later unless you have evidence from a court that the allegations have been proven.

17. How To's

All user submitted How To's are submitted with the understanding that they are for exclusive use on by it's members and may not be copied or used elsewhere without written permission from

18. Moderating

Although the administrators and moderators of Vectra C / Signum Owners' Club Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and not that of the owners of Vectra C / Signum Owners' Club Forums.

The owners of Vectra C / Signum Owners' Club Forums will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

The owners of Vectra C / Signum Owners' Club Forums reserve the right to remove, edit
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