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Thread: Thought I'd ask......

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    confused Thought I'd ask......

    Anyone know where I can get a slave cylinder CHEAP? funds are limited at the moment and wondering if anyone has any ideas.....Check Ebay I suppose?

    and next question would be getting it fitted....any good/cheap garages near Reading anyone know?

    Not sure what sort of response I'll get but thought I'd ask

    If I get this sorted the whole car will be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet as a nut - Bobsignum (Bob), Plasma (Dean) and Happy Postie (Khalid) helped me sort my car today...we changed over a few hoses that were shot and changed a spring.....

    Only issues now are -

    • Slave Cylinder


    • Weird revving at 1250 rpm after driving down the motorway at between 80-90mph.....this is noticed when driving up the slip road to a roundabout or traffic lights....hmmm - anyone any ideas on that one?

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : SRi

    Engine : 150

    Year : 05

    Mileage : 74000


    we're assuming its a slave cylinder...... Fault is, biting point is almost on the floor, sometimes you can feel the box bang a tad and its put into gear.. So maybe slave cylinder not acutation enough pressure to disengage the clutch (I've bleed it all today), or the clutch release bearing?
    Plasma's Tech2 services are now open and able to provide services

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