Hi, I have the 120bhp 8v 1.9cdti engine in my vectra.It has problem starting and its not always from cold. The engine will turn over for quite a long time before firing up, once started there is almost always a light up on the dash , its a car with a spanner through it and the car drives as if in limp mode. If you turn the car off then start it again it will instantly fire up and the light will be off. It seems to me as if the fuel is draining back to the tank while the car is standing and is having to bleed the fuel system on initial start up,I dont think its the glow plugs as this has happened when the car was warm(ish). Any ideas where there may be an air leak in the fuel system? I have changed the fuel filter recently but I had the problem before I changed it so I have ruled that out. Also does any one know how to drain water from the filter?
any help with this will be greatly appreciated!!!