I have a
- 2004 Vectra Cd - 2.2.
- 103,000 KM's
Its name is Victor (im a girl) and it has never had any issues, bar the fact it burns a fair bit of oil compared to my previous car, but is now playing up. I still love it a lot.

For the last couple of months it has been stalling ie just turning off when I turn it on & I have to restart (NOTE its an auto). I ignored it. There has been a warning light on that is a lightbulb with an exclamation mark in it.

2 weeks ago it didnt start / turn over and it got a new battery. (had the original).
It still kept stalling.
The garage put some new bulbs in & lightbulb warning light disappeared for 1 day but came back.

Last week it didnt start (after continued stalling) and then I flooded it. It was towed to the garage and they repaired it that day. They replaced all spark plugs, said they looked like the originals & in 20 yrs have never seen spark plugs in such a state (I kept them). They are filthy and pointy.
Car felt zippy & nice when I drove it out of the garage - but it is still stalling. THe garage put some more new bulbs in & warning light is no longer on.

Last night I was driving in slow traffic (ie 30kmph) for 40 mins & I saw the temp was nearly 100. I have never seen it over 90. I threw the heater on & it cooled down a bit. I drove home later (not in traffic) for 20 mins going 80-100kms most of the way. Looked when I got home and again car was hotter than usal (between 95 & 100). I wondered what the noise was as I walked inside - and car was on! well my husband said it was fans. I was alarmed. Stayed on for about 10 mins.

This morn drove 5kms down the road and it began to heat a little so threw heater on and it was fine and fans didnt come on. Drove home the 5kms (hours later) without heater on and it got to about 93. got home & fans kicked in & stayed on for 5 mins

We have checked:
- water
- oil
- fuses
And all are fine.

There are no warning lights or errors. does anybody have any ideas what to do next???? I have an apprentice mechanic in the house who I can direct to check things for me.

I am in NEW ZEALAND and was very excited to find this site today