On my past 360 consoles - 20Gb original and 120Gb Elite - I'd activate the background download option so that I could turn the console off and still have it downloading things like movies or large demos. Console would go quiet and light on front would flash to indicate background downloading in progress.

This wee upgraded to a 250Gb S console and set it all up the same, started a big download and turned off console (which had a disc in it). Console turned off but then DVD drive started spinning at high speed with the associated whirring/whoosing noise and showed no signs of stopping! I'd never had this on either of the previous consoles. Took disc out, continued the download and turned console off and all was fine again, nice and quiet.

Anyone else had this happen or care to test to see if theirs does it? i.e. background download set to on, disc in console, set a large download going, turn console off and see what happens.