Earlier this year bought the Kinect and been having great fun with it. One great thing about it was the ability to use it as a web cam on Messenger for the grandparents to see Cameron and Aidan etc.

Annoyingly the call would just freeze part way through conversation i.e. the video window of the other caller would freeze and I'd have to sign out and back into Messenger on the Xbox. This was on a 120Gb Elite console.

After upgrading the other day to a 250G S console I wondered if it had been the console and whether the new one would resolve anything. Soon found out the answer was no! In fact it seemed to freeze much earlier in video calls than on the previous console!

So, has anyone had similar issues with Video Kinect when in a video call with someone on Messenger on a PC? I've not tried a Video Kinect call console to console or console to PC with a different person, so it's possible it's something about their connection that isn't right.