Hi, Hope someone out there can help. Sorry this is a bit long. Vauxhall fanatic since Dad bought his first in 1954. O.K. so I am an old person.
Bought a 2003 Vectra C 1800 Petrol in Feb with 67000 genuine miles. Had to replace the engine as absolutely sludge up and oil pump failed killing conrod No.4 Replaced with same type and regularly serviced 70000 miles. However needed new EGR valve wich I fitted this week. It now keeps losing power and I have found that the valve is being held open by little pieces like grit which I think is coming from the cat. Keep taking the valve out cleaning it and the bits are getting smaller but still running poorly after about 2 miles. I wondered if as the original exhaust manilfold, cat and downpipe was used is it possible that the cat may have suffered slight fracturing during engine replacement. Is the cat breaking up and has anyone else suffered this.