thanks for the offers of the cd magazines, have replied.
now the next problem...
while trying to get the courtesy lights working I took the centre console out of the roof.
Fact 1 : sun visor lights dont work.
Fact 2: front courtesy lights dont work.
Fact 3: rear courtesy lights dont work.
Fact 4: radio hisses and searches without finding a station.

Knowledge: its a ex police car!!

Theory: on removal of the internal driver area lighting assembly with sun glasses pocket, I see all wires/ribbon tape where it should be. Also sun visors are still wired up.
Rear passwenger area lighting comes out with ribbon tape about 2 inches long and flyleads connected to ribbons also 2 inch long in pink, blue, black and grey. no idea where they go or why cut.
inside the drivers area there are two ends!!! of very thin coax type wire.
black outer, copper strand wrapped inside around another central wire, one of which end is red sleeved the other is white sleeved.

I assume the cut coax wire being different colours should not be joined.

Finally, I have a sensor in the interior mirror, I presume is self dimming?
I also presume I have a rain sensor as seems a different colour in one area behind the interior mirror.
Then I have a small 3 inch long plastic elongated boomerang stuck on the passengers side front with a wire hidden from outside by the sun strip...

Can anyone shed some light or has anyone an interior loom from a 53 plate GSI Vectra C