Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody can shed some light on this.

Noticed that the car sometimes does some rather rough gear changes down. Specially when I break and it gears down, you can certainly feel it.
It doesnt make any worrying noices or so, but I dont think it is supposed to be like that.
Basically it feels like the car is very slightly pulled back for a sec ...

I heard that this might be due to a missing ECU update, some mentioned it could be gear box oil.

so I was wondering what you Vectra owners got to say and also - how can I find out what software my car is running?
dont want to go to Vauxhall, being charged just to be told its already on the latest version, thats £50 thank you very much

I bought the car 3 month ago and its a 2007 model. Though I have a service book, but there is no info about it being at Vauxhall or having done gearbox oil change, ECU update or anything.

Cheers dudes (and dudettes - if there are any)