As the title says really, I am due to get my car serviced and I think it needs a new section of the exhaust.

I have a 2004 1.8 ls vectra. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and straight away the crank shaft sensor went, but I have fixed this.

Whilst I was under the car changing the sensor, I noticed the gauze around the flexi section had detiorated and could spin around. Since then I have noticed a slight whistle and think this is probably that part of the exhaust.

The car also missed it's last service so I want to get a service done.

Anyway, I have been quoted £60 for the exhaust and £120 for the service. I suspect the service will just be the basic oil and filters change, I only rang up to check the prices. From MCC Leeds.

This seems reasonable to me, but could I get better?

I am also slightly worried that I will have to buy a new sensor for the exhaust as that section does have a sensor on it.