My vectra c had its first (for me) mot today........son took it to his works to be done (non vaux dealership). It passed with 1 advisory being OSF brake pipe slight corrosion.

He mentioned that the NSF tyre is worn on the inner edge, i intend to change the fronts soon anyway as they are getting down a bit.

NSR inner track rod rack end worn slightly.

OS handbrake & footbrake less effort than NS.

Also recomended that all brake pipes be given a clean up & painting.......will be getting it up on the ramps to do this when the weathers a bit better.

Not a bad result , also the smoke test went through on fast pass with a reading of 0.27. Was a bit worried about this as i filled up last week & put 400ml of 2 stroke.

Thats that for another year.