Hi All,

I have an Australian Vectra ZC CDXI, which has front memory electric seats.
Yesterday, I went to adjust the drivers seat, and seat electrics are dead. If you use either of the adjustment buttons, or the memory buttons, the seat doesn't make a sound.

I had used the seat adjustments several times earlier in the day without a problem.
Seemed to be that i got home, locked the car to go inside, came out a couple of hours later, and the seat now refuses to work.

I have checked the fuses, etc as per Holden / Vauxhall / Opel user manuals and they all seem fine.
All other electrics are working fine in the car, including the other passenger electric seat.
There is a large connector under the seat, but it seems to be seated fine.

Anyone have any ideas!? Hoping it's not the motor, but i kind of think if it was, wouldn't it have died mid-adjustment rather than just all of a sudden not working anymore after locking and unlocking the car?

Kind of seems more like a weird ECU glitch or something... anyone know if it would be worth cutting the battery overnight to clear any settings, and if so, are there any side affects?

Please help! can't fit in the drivers seat now, because it's set to my mrs' position!