Hey guys,

Am hoping you nice people can help me out a bit here. I have a 52 plate 1.8 Veccy. Since about a month ago when I start the car up form cold (wheather it's on a morning or simply been left standing at work for 3 or 4hrs) it will rev to about 1.5k and then kinda make a chugging sound and also the revs go up and down slightly during this time. Only after about 2 mins does it sort its-self out. If I try to drive the car away during this two mins then it goes like a kangeroo jumping lol. I've been told it might be a blocked injector (but surely this would not continue to be blocked and then unblocked every day?) or it might be the idle control valve or it might be a dirty throttle body. What do you guys think? Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated