Has anyone successfully 'tested' an EGR valve?
Got a problem with the wifes Astra DTi. Its the same 2.0dti Y20DTH engine in my vectra, but the EGR valve is slightly different in that its a non electric/digital type, just a regular vacuum one that sits right on top of the manifold right in front of you when you take the cover off. Not water cooled.

Anyway, got a spanner light, local garage with snap-on diagnostic tool flagged EGR problems. I pulled it out and it was caked solid (I immediately though YES! thats it). Cleaned it all up, still with the spanner light tho.

I disconnected the vacuum pipe on the pump end and sucked on it and could not create a vacuum, ie, i could hear air being sucked into the EGR. Does it mean its knackered? Does anyone know of another way to test their function?

Ive seen retro videos in america on youtube of testing the EGR's with a hand vacuum pump. But i aint got one of those! HAHA.