Hi all. I recently bought a vectra cdti 150 exclusiv. It was running great for the first 3 months but a week after the warranty run out it all went wrong. Its got no power whatsoever up to the turbo kicks in the its off like ashot. Now ive looked on here and read about all the faults. I checked the egr valve first and it was stuck open. I cleaned it and replaced it and it was still the same. Today i decided to have a look at the inlet manifold to check the linkage. I had a look and the linkage is not there. I am baffled.I have checked round the engine bay and cant see it anywhere.I think somebody has removed it. Heres the interesting bit. I phoned the garage where i bought it from and explained what had happend and he said he doesnt know anything about cars eventhough he was a salesman in a vauxhall dealership for 10 yrs and sold the car to the original owner!. I told him i had been to a garage and what they had said and he has asked me to send him a report but doest seem interested. So bottom line is where do i stand? Have i got any rights? I am going away in the caravan in april so i need it sorting. Any advice would be appreciated.