Hi all, my 1.9cdti 05 veccy SRi had developed a knocking noise from the rear drivers side wheel area. When i am driving on smooth road and at abot 60-70mph all is fine but when i am going over uneven ground at anything from 20-50mph i get this noise, checked all the usual things like broken spring, arb and arb bushes (which seem solid as a rock) and the shockie seems fine to, i have bought 2 upper control arms with new bushes from the local scrappy (the car they came off was a 2009 model with 20,000 miles on the clock) for 20 bucks. I have not had the chance to replace them yet, is there anything else to check and if it is the ARB bushes how much in labour would it be (roughly) as i have been told they are a nightmare to change. Any advice would be appreciated.