When we bought our new Meriva recently it wasn't the smoothest process. We arrived for the test drive at 10 am, and finally left, having ordered, at 13:00. We wouldn't have stayed, but the 25% discount for partners was ending soon and we wanted to get it sorted, plus they had the model we wanted in stock so we didn't walk out, although we were tempted. So much faffing about, you wouldn't believe it.
Anyway, I had follow up surveys on the phone from both VX and the dealer, and I told it like it was.
Just had a call from their customer services Manager asking for more details of my issues, and telling me he'll pass them to sales management.
We'll see. Maybe they'll have to stop sitting there expecting all the Partners business to fall into their lap (they're next to the Luton VX plant)

I'll follow up with any developments.....